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Romario Fitzgerald

Digital Marketing & Software Development

What's this about?

Software and Web Development is about so much more than just knowing how to code. It's about tailoring experiences for people (From Mr. Eric). Developer's improve the world, 1 line of code at a time. Have look at my work, I hope you feel inspired :).

There couldn't be a more apt name, it is what it is. It was made to track members of the congregrations, their direct relations: parents, children, etc. as well as their branches. It works!

This is what happens when you have 0 interest in Desgin and want nothing but functionality. It was personal project, a sort of dropbox/google drive alternative due to security concerns. It was also a convenient way to share secure and public files.

Tockermail was my first solo project as a developer. The aim was simple. Schedule recurring emails and it be free. Goal: Achieved.

Blogify is an awesome little side project (one of my first), that I did with my favourite Developer Chica, Jodi-Marie.

Lavish Loves is a hair distribution company whose aim is to deliver high quality, genuine waves and extensions to their customers. They're all about the beauty.

Limelyph is a fresh new company with a team of talented young men. They're goal is to bring affordable and convenient technologies to their local entertainment and travel sectors by allowing users to see events online and book them as they please.

FleekSite is a Complete Website Development Agency that specialises in small business with a team that has a passion, eager to develop their local markets and bring their community to the international stage.

Travel Agency Tribes is a Canadian Digital Marketing Agency which caters to business' within the Travel Industry. They're one of the largest in Canada and their philosophy is simple. "We help our clients get more customers".

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